Fundraising Support

Here at Fresco, the only thing we are more passionate about than serving up fresh, great tasting food, is being a good neighbor and community citizen. One of the ways we help our community is by helping local Non-Profits earn some cash, so we are always on the lookout for sponsorship opportunities to help with fund-raising events. We know local non-profits need money to do the great things they do, so Fresco is here to help raise money by offering the Fresco Fundraiser!

Last year we donated over $25,000 to local Non-Profit groups, and this year we hope to do even more!

To make the most of your Fresco Fundraising day, you should let all of your friends and neighbors know that if they order at Fresco and mention your Non-Profits name, 10% of the total sale will be donated to your organization. No Fluff – No Fuss – Just Fun and Food!

So after you schedule your fundraising event at Fresco – shout it from the rooftops! Post it on Facebook! Make a flyer! Go door to door! Get people to enjoy the great food at Fresco and help your group succeed in the process.

Questions you may have:

What can we expect to receive by having a Fresco Fundraiser for our Non-Profit?

How much you take in is really up to you. We promise to serve up our great pizzas, salads, and fresh food, and to donate 10% of all sales placed that day by people who mention your Non-Profit by name. We think it is a real Win-Win-Win! All methods of ordering are included: at-table orders, delivery orders and pick-up orders. Just make sure they mention your non-profits name and we will do the rest.

When can I schedule a Fresco Fundraiser?

Your Fresco Fundraiser can be scheduled on most Mondays -Thursdays (except holidays, etc.). To see what days are available have a look at our calendar, then fill in the form to request your preferred date.

How do we get started and schedule a date for our Fresco Fundraiser?

Fill out the form below and give us a few dates that will work best for your non-profit. Make sure you will have enough time to “get the word out” to your group and community about the event to make the most money possible.

Who can do a Fresco Fundraiser?

Any not-for-profit group or organization can host a Fresco Fundraiser, but we really prefer locally-based non-profits. The larger the group and the harder you work to “get the word out” the better chance you will have of maximizing your fundraising efforts.